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Maybe you’re asking yourself if following profiles that share motivational quotes on social media, or hanging everywhere motivational posters is just a pointless trend, or if it can actually have some kind of impact on your life and on your personal development path.

We, of’s team, definitely believe in the power of these instruments, and in this article we want to explain you why.

We run with passion our Instagram account sharing everyday motivational quotes, ideas and thoughts. This is something that we really enjoy doing, and in addition, the continue exposure to positive and powerful messages is motivating and pushing us to do every day better in order to achieve our goals.

Our mission is to have a similar impact also on our followers’ lives, keeping them focused and motivated to achieve their beautiful goals.

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So, why do we think that motivational quotes and posters work?

As Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “A man becomes what he thinks about most of the time.” More in general, according to the law of attraction, every aspect of your life – relationships, financial situation, opportunities and problems – arises from your mindset and from your predominant thoughts. You can make your life an amazing adventure: an experience of freedom, happiness, love, abundance and fulfillment, if you just manage to take the control of your thoughts.

Is there a way to control your thoughts?

Actually no, your thoughts are simply too many, and you will never have the total control over them. But there’s one thing you can do: you can influence them making some changes in the environment in which you live. The constant stimuli coming from the people you talk with, the profiles you follow on social media, the news that you read, the physical environment in which you work, in the long run have a huge influence on your mood, on your mindset and on your predominant thoughts. Every kind of message that enters into your life have an impact on your mind (and therefore on your life) so you should consciously “limit the access” only to positive and inspiring messages.

What can you start with? … Spring cleaning of your social media!

Choosing the right profiles to follow on social media, is definitely a very important part of this process. We live in a digital era, and we spend many hours a day on Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks. If you didn’t do it yet, we highly recommend you to conduct a “spring cleaning” of your social networks. Stop following profiles of celebrities who are just showing off their perfect lifestyle making you feel bad about yourself and your current situation. Stop following / unfriend people who are always negative about life, and use social networks mainly to complain about job situation, society, politics, relationships, capitalism, taxes, or any other problem. Start to follow instead profiles who are giving you a true value, teaching you something, inspiring you, motivating you, pushing you to do better in anything you’re doing, or making you feel better with yourself.

What else can you do to attract more success in your life?

It’s true that we live in a digital era, but we don’t have to forget about the physical environment in which we live and work. Let’s be honest. Bare walls are boring. You can fill them with random paintings or posters if you want, but the best thing you can do if you’re into personal development, is to choose nice looking motivational posters.

You can hang them in your room, in your office, or anywhere else you spend the most of your time. Maybe you will not look at them or think of them in every moment of the day, but they will always be there for you. They will contribute to the energy of the room, and will help you to keep focused and positive. Many researches showed that motivational posters in a company or in an office can even increase employees’ satisfaction and productivity by 33%, so they are the way to go even if you’re thinking to decorate a common space.

A poster is also something real, that you can actually touch. This is very important because you can create an emotional attachment to it, and emotions are the most important ingredient to make the motivational process work properly. Especially if you choose a quote that stands out and resonates the most with you, your poster will become one of your greatest partners for success.

The goal of is to help the biggest possible number of people to stay positive and motivated during the day, with motivational and inspiring posts shared on our Instagram profile. Anyway, since the beginning of our adventure we had the goal not to remain only in the online world, but also to find a way to have a physical presence in our followers’ lives. That’s why we decided to design motivational t-shirts and posters.

These are the first three posters that we prepared for you, entirely based on the posts that we share on Instagram:

We love these three quotes; in our opinion they’re incredibly powerful, so we decided to start with them. Let us know what you think about them.

If you like our project and you want to support us, let us know your favourite quote, the one that inspires you the most, and you’d love to have at home as a poster. In the next weeks we will constantly add new posters here, so you opinion is more than appreciated. Give us your feedback here 😉

Thanks for reading, and good luck for your personal growth journey !! If you liked the article, please share it with your friends 🙂